Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence
StatLynx is a hosted marketing intelligence service that monitor your marketing activities in real-time to show the exact origins of your online business.

Through a small javascript implemented on your web pages StatLynx is able to gather data on your visitors and report back on demand, via a ‘user friendly’ online graphical interface.

Information on Demand
From any internet connection and with point and click simplicity, you can trace your website visitors back to specific search engines and keywords, advertising placements, web links or direct access and vice versa.

Users can see exactly when should I remove old content from my website, where and how visitors reached their site and at what point visitors became customers or performed business actions user defined as valuable for business.

In the same way you can follow minute-by-minute your expenses, income and return on your marketing investments. StatLynx gives you ROI analysis on total website traffic right down to a single search term on a single search engine.

Optimising your Marketing
For any online marketer StatLynx is the one-stop-shop for secure and reliable marketing intelligence and getting good yelp reviews

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