Program Overview

Program Overview
Wellness Program will tailor your lifestyle program to meet your personal goals, health needs, and time availability. Whether you spend four, six, or 13 days, your customized plan is built around these life-enhancing components:
· Fitness assessment
· Personalized strength training
· Diversified exercise classes
· Stress management workshops
· Relaxation training
· Delicious gourmet heart-healthy meals
· Dining out without sabotaging goals
· Personal nutrition counseling
· Goal setting/behavior modification
· Preventive medicine workshops
·  Clinic medical evaluation
· Luxurious on-site accommodations

HIIT training Fort Lauderdale

· Use of The Spa and other facilities on the campus

Food/Nutrition Education
Three gourmet heart-healthy meals are prepared daily during Cooper Wellness Program. Food preferences or allergies can be accommodated. The fat and calorie contents are carefully monitored by Kathy Duran-Thal, registered dietitian and director of nutrition, who also shows you how to prepare healthy meals at home and incorporate a balanced diet into any lifestyle. Kathy also provides insight on dining out wisely.

Tap into cutting-edge health and fitness research and practical how-to discussions. Topics presented at Wellness Programs include: Achieving Total Well-Being, Maintaining Behavior Changes, Motivation and Goal Setting, Avoiding Back Injuries, Fitness Walking, Nutrition Facts,

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