Selling Your Home

Checklist For Selling Your Home


  1. Research the selling prices of homes commercial movers in nyc in your neighborhood when setting your asking price.
  2. Determine the cash you will receive after the sale by calculating the payoff amount of your existing mortgage and any other related costs, such as closing and attorney fees.
  3. Invest in a fair market analysis of your home to help determine competitive pricing.
  4. Do a thorough examination of your home to see what, if any, improvements or repairs need to be made.
  5. A fresh coat of neutral-colored paint on the walls will brighten the interior and improve its appearance to buyers.
  6. Clean up the yard, plant flowers and keep the grass trimmed to heighten “curb appeal.”
  7. Buy a set of real estate sales contracts, disclosure forms, and other documentation your state may require when selling real estate. These are available in stationery stores.
  8. Arrange in advance with a local real estate attorney to create an escrow account to hold buyer deposits or down payments.
  9. Speak with an insurance executive recruiting company to learn about insurance.


  1. Place an ad in the weekend section of the local newspaper. Saturdays and Sundays are the best days to advertise.
  2. Write up a fact sheet describing your home, location, neighborhood, price and contact to distribute to potential buyers.
  3. Place a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the front yard.
  4. Let the answering machine or service your calls. Don’t allow children to answer the telephone; they may alienate prospective buyers or give out erroneous information.

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