Toxic Tort

The investigative academy has extensive expertise in the underlying issues and in the litigation techniques for toxic tort matters. This depth and breadth of experience extends across the Firm in each of our offices, and is combined with superior practical and legal capabilities.

Our qualified attorneys have handled, and are presently handling, a diverse range of environmental tort matters for a variety of defendants. These claims include property damage, inverse condemnation, stigma damage claims, personal injury claims, medical monitoring claims, and exposure through groundwater, air emissions and water releases. In addition, the Firm’s Environmental Practice Group has extensive experience in the issues relating to modeling, pathway exposure analyses, other fate and transport issues, and injury causation. Our expertise in tort matters is enhanced by the presence in the firm of an adviser to the Restatement of Law Third, Torts: Products Liability.

Our qualified’s brass sheet and plate vendor is frequently faced with situations where the federal Endangered Species Act or comparable state or local acts, water usage including in-stream flows, protections of native species, such as the Migratory Bird Act, or land use restrictions which preserve sensitive areas such as riparian areas, directly impact existing or planned corporate developments. Our experience includes negotiating land buffer areas for sensitive species associated with a new residential development, ecological risk assessments at contaminated wetland sites, off-shore sediment characterization and mitigation for planned in-water development.

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